Star Wars Battlefront Cargo Tips and Strategy Guide

Cargo can be considered as Capture the Flag from other popular shooters, but with a small change.

Star Wars Battlefront Cargo Tips

In this game mode, each team starts with 5 cargo units and the first team to gather 10 wins the game.

Therefore, it can be considered as an amalgam of Capture the Flag and tug-of-war since the number of cargo on the map are limited.

General Tips and Strategies
There are a handful of ways using which you can play this game mode and score some easy wins. I personally like heading directly inside enemy base, clearing the area, grabbing the cargo, and running back to the base.

If you decide to stick to this strategy, do make sure to stay on the outskirts of the map and never run in the middle of the map. In this way, you will avoid many unnecessary confrontations which will make your job a whole lot easier.

Many of you will agree that using the Jump Pack is of paramount importance in Cargo. Using the Jump Pack will not only allow you to reach enemy base faster than ever, but it will also get you back to your base in order to hinder enemy progress.

However, one thing that you need to note here is that once you grab the cargo unit, you will not be able to use the Jump Pack anymore.

Lastly, in addition to an offensive approach, you can also use defensive approach. Once you have acquired more cargo units than your team, you can just sit back and let them take the fight to you.

While using this strategy, you need to make sure that you cover all of the choke points and areas from where enemies are able to flank and kill you.

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