Star Wars Battlefront Blast Tips and Strategy Guide

Blast is a pretty straightforward game mode in which you simply need to confront enemies head-on. In this game mode, your main focus needs to be on choosing appropriate blasters, SCs, and CSCs.

Star Wars Battlefront Blast Tips

Since each map is different, selecting appropriate blaster, SCs, and CSCs can create a difference between a win or a defeat. The score limit is 100, but if either team is unable to reach it, the side with the highest score by the end of time limit wins.

You should not rush blindly into areas and should consider holding a specific position; essentially spawn-trapping enemies and eliminating them one by one.

General Tips and Strategies
The first thing that you need to understand is not to rush in an area all by yourself. This will give you many tactical advantages and you will be able to better control a position.

Like I have mentioned earlier, Blaster is all about selecting an appropriate blaster, Charged Star Cards, and Star Cards. Because every map is different, it is a good idea to experiment with different things and see what functions well for you.

Places like the Imperial Station and Rebel Base encourage close-quarter combat and you should definitely consider using short-range blasters such as EE-3 or SE-14C.

Jawa Refuge or the Sulphur Fields, on the other hand, present long range sights and it is recommended to use blasters such as DLT-19 or T-21. Moreover, go for SCs and CSCs which provide you with cooldown reduction and more firepower.

In addition to this, you can also go for the Jump Pack and Personal Shield which are extremely useful escape tool and can also be used to reach your partner much quicker.

In the end, it all comes down to your preference and how you prefer to play the game, however, never undermine the importance of using cover to avoid enemy fire and eliminating them without fully exposing yourself.

You will come across plenty of head glitch positions and cover locations in almost every map which should be used to move from one place to other.

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