Star Citizen Mark Hamill Role Teaser, Alpha 2.0 Features Listed

We have got a good news for you, the Mark Hamill role that you have been speculating about for a while now has been confirmed, finally.

The original Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars trilogy is going to be playing the role of Lt. Cdr. Steve Colton aka Old Man. A teaser video has been released to show off what he is going to look and feel like. Check it out above.

That is not all, the Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 is now live on the PTU as you might already know, however, what you might not know is the features that are going to be brought to you with it.

While the developers have not listed down official patch notes, they have confirmed a number of things which you can read up below:

New Features:

  • Large World Map (1 million km x 1 million km x 400k km)
  • Multi-Crew (work with friends on big ships)
  • New UI and HUD
  • FPS Combat (More animations and stances will be added over time)


  • 3 Moons
  • 3 space stations
  • New Ships:
  • Retaliator
  • Constellation (most multi-crew ship owners will get assigned this)
  • Avenger variants
  • Vanguard (Hangar Ready Only)

Things to do:

  • 8 Combat missions
  • 8 Research missions
  • 1 Exploration missions
  • 1 PVP mission
  • 20 random encounters (pirate attacks)
  • About 3 hours of doing the missions alone.

New Area:

  • Million Mile high club

So tell us, did like what you see? Check back later for more on Star Citizen.