EGX 2016 Confirmed to be Held on September 22-25 in Birmingham

It is pretty far, but we now have the official word on exactly when EGX 2016 is going to be held. The organizers, Gamer Network, has revealed that next year’s event will be held in Birmingham between September 22 and September 25.

David Lilley, the Managing Director of Gamer Events said on the event of the announcement that next year they will grow further from what was achieved this year because by the time the event comes, latest generation of consoles will be very well established:

In 2015 we established key new features of the show with Gfinity, YouTube and others, broadening the event’s appeal and expanding our consumer offering. EGX 2016 will see us build on this year’s success and grow even further.

2016 will be a landmark year for the industry with the next generation of consoles firmly established and virtual reality set to transform the gaming landscape. EGX is perfectly placed to demonstrate the flourishing nature of the industry.

The event’s default location is the National Exhibition Centre which saw the biggest visitor turnout last year as compared to the entire history of the event. A total of 75,000 people attended EGX 2015.

More details will be shared regarding EGX 2016 as the next year unfolds, and we will surely let you in on all the updates, stay tuned for more.