Destiny Exotics for Year Two Will be Revealed Tomorrow!

Good news Guardians! Bungie is going to start revealing Destiny exotics for the year two tomorrow! The community manager for the game took to their official website with a weekly update recently and announced that all the fans should keep an eye out for the reveals.

It was also clarified that there will be some new as well as some old Destiny exotics that you will get in year two. However, the ones from Year one have been upgraded and Bungie is also teasing some surprises within them.

Here’s what DeeJ was saying:

We’re infusing loot tables with some more gold to mine from your action. Two of them are exclusive to Year Two. Others are weapons and armor from Year One that have been upgraded to keep pace with your Level 40 character. A couple of those Year One reprisals might even have some new surprises tucked away in their talent trees.

You will be able to earn them after the December update, but you can check them out before that through the official Instagram account of Destiny The Game in what looks like an extensive move by the developers to promote their social channels.

Check back with us later for more on the year two Destiny exotics later.