Datamining on World of Warcraft: Legion Reveals Many Details for the Beta

Things are on the move in the World of Warcraft that hint the Legion beta test may be imminent. With the servers being made available that hold the files for the test, as well as future patches datamining has also begun.

Datamining the World of Warcraft: Legion beta provides plenty of information to go over, including updated skins, new models, strings, locations and story details such as Encounter Journal Strings, and New Scenarios.

As datamining is taking place now and the information is being continually updated be sure to visit mmo-champion and wowhead. Here are some highlights so far, though be aware that there will obviously be spoilers in some of the information that has been discovered.

Loading screens that will be included in the Beta:

One interesting new model is a Pantomime Horse, when the beta is available for people to play maybe more details will be revealed as to what this will be used for:


As an example of new scenarios that have been revealed in the datamining, The Legend of The Ashbringer sounds to be an interesting one:

  • Sounding the Charge – Lead the paladins of the Argent Crusade into battle.
  • Crusaders’ March – Destroy the demon army.
  • Holy Vengeance – Destroy Jailer Zerus and save Highlord Tirion Fordring.
  • The Ashbringer – Find the Ashbringer within the Lost Temple.
  • Balnazzar the Risen – Defeat Balnazzar.
  • The Fate of the Highlord – Return to Tirion Fordring.

More of these scenarios can be read here.

With all the information that has been discovered, there is plenty to look over. The best way to actually discover secrets from the game will be to play it. If you are taking part in the beta, you may have the chance to do this very soon.

Are you going to play the beta for World of Warcraft: Legion? Let us know your thoughts on Legion below.