Criterion Have No Plans for Burnout Revenge on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

When it comes to games we would like to see working on backwards compatibility for Xbox One, we all have our own personal choices. One set of games that will probably feature on a lot of people’s lists is the Burnout series.

Burnout Revenge, which was the fourth game in the Burnout series of games from Criterion is one that was brought up today on Twitter, the answer that Criterion give though may not be the one that the fans want to see:

So the answer is short, but not sweet and that is that right now there are no plans for Burnout Revenge to be added to Backwards Compatibility. The news isn’t all bad though as Burnout Paradise is on its way:

While fans would rather have Revenge, as it was the more popular game Paradise was still impressive and brought the Burnout games into an open world environment. Lacking in some of the more popular modes though like Crash, it still left some fans missing the lost modes.

While there are no plans right now for the game to be released on backwards compatibility that does not mean that it will be out of the question. Criterion may change their mind and give the fans what they want. For now though, it looks like the answer is no.

Are you disappointed by Criterion’s response? Let us know your thoughts below.