Bloodborne Patch 1.07 is Out Now, Patch Notes Shared

The wait is over folks! Bloodborne patch 1.07 is out now, and the developers have also shared what they have done in it. First things first though, the patch size is huge, it takes about 9.4GB!

One of the most important part of the game right now are the Chalice Dungeons, with the Bloodborne patch 1.07, they have introduced a number of new changes which you can read below – don’t mind the poor language since this is an online translation and we did not change the wording:

Non-root Chalice Dungeons will now have have a standardized glyph that will open the way for far more co-op and pvp opportunities. You should now be able to connect to players exploring the non-root/story dungeons without needing to meet with them via their unique glyph. However, you will still be able to create these non-root dungeons with a “unique” glyph if you wish to not participate in random co-op and PvP.

Moving on, a new covenant called Federation has been introduced and you can join by meeting Valtir, leader of the Federation whenever he is available.

Improving the co-op experience, they have also added Co-Op Partner Illusions where “if you are the player using a summoning bell, you will now have the option to see phantoms or ghosts of other players also searching for co-op or multiplayer.”

Last but not the least, Bloodborne patch 1.07 is going to let you bring in some more NPC Co-Op partners:

After you meet certain criteria, you will be able to purchase the “Ancient Summoning Bell” in the Hunter’s Dream. Using this item will consume insight and will allow you to summon the phantoms of certain Old Hunters throughout the game.

Check back with us later for more on the game.