You Can Download PS4 Games on PC For Safekeeping

Today, I will explain a method that will let you download PS4 games on PC. One of the benefits of this is faster download speed, the other is safekeeping. Also, if you’re short on HDD space on your PS4, just download it on PC and copy it back to PS4 later.

To do this, use a software called PSX Download Helper. Also, make sure you have Internet Downloader Manager installed.

Next is making sure that your PC and PS4 are on the same network. Open the PSX Helper and note down the IP provided to you by the program. Now, head to your PlayStation 4 and visit the Network > Set Up Internet Connection. Use Custom option and keep pressing X to reach the Proxy Server Screen.

Enter the IP you noted down from the program and keep the Port same. Test your connection to see if everything was done right.

Before starting the setup, a game should be ready to download in your PS4’s download list. Keep it on paused as the PC will start from 0% even if the game’s 90% downloaded on PS4.

Start the download on PS4 and pause it again after waiting for 10-15 seconds.

PS4’s part here is done, move to your PC and check for a link on PSX Helper. The link should have popped up by now.

Copy that link in your browser’s URL (Chrome recommended). Your IDM extension should pick it up and start downloading. If the game is 4GB or above, you will have to change the file No. and download separate parts of the file.

The link you copied to the URL has some numbers you need to change. You will notice 00_0.pgk on the link you copied earlier, change it to 00_1.pgk and download. Keep doing this until you reach the final part of the file.

Now, if you need to copy the file on your PS4, look for the “Select” Button on the PSX software. Put the file you downloaded here and go to your PS4 and unpause the download you started earlier.

The file will now copy from PS4 to PC at an insane amount of speed. However, if the file has multiple parts, click on the settings tab on PSX Downloader and make sure “AutoFind Replace File” is selected. Now select the folder where all of the parts are downloaded.

Now repeat the process mentioned above to start copying separate parts as one. All you need to do is head back to the Log section and put the first part of the file on “Local” section using the select button, before resuming the download on PS4.