Star Wars Battlefront Supremacy Tips and Strategy Guide

Star Wars: Battlefront Supremacy game mode guide with tips and strategies for an easy win.

Star Wars Battlefront Supremacy Tips

In Supremacy; your objective is to push enemies all the way back to their base. The mode starts with a neutral capture point in the middle of the map. Once controlled, another control point becomes available for each team.

Once you control the newly available capture point, your own capture point gets unavailable and you get a brief Push Forward period, allowing you to push to the next section of the map and control the next available capture point.

You simply need to continue to control capture points until the enemy team is pushed all the way back to its base. Doing so successfully scores you a win.

General Tips and Strategies
Since the mode is all about long range engagements, close-combat blasters are essentially useless, therefore, avoid using blasters such as E-33 and rely on medium-to-long range ones.

In this way, you will be able to provide support to your allies and defend friendly control points without having to be there in person.

Furthermore, the Jump Pack is extremely resourceful in this mode. It not only allows you to quickly move between friendly and enemy capture points, but is also an effective escape tool.

You can also render the control progress of enemies by deploying a couple of turrets near friendly capture points or neutral point at the start of the game. However, you shouldn’t expect these turrets to completely secure a control point for long.

Lastly, communication is the key in winning a Supremacy game. You should constantly be giving and receiving calls from your allies about contested capture points or if you manage to clear out an area.

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