Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron Tips and Strategy Guide

Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron game mode guide with tips and strategies for an easy win.

Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron Tips

Fighter Squadron is all about aerial combat which tasks you to destroy enemy ships followed by destroying the enemy transport ship whenever you get the chance.

You can utilize multiple air vehicles including TIE Interceptor, TIE Fighter, Slave I, Millennium Falcon, and more in order to bring fight to enemy ships and bot ships.

Despite the fact that bots are easy and squishy targets, your attention should be focused on destroying enemy ships and the transport ships. Lastly, amidst all this, make sure to keep a close eye on ally ships as well.

General Tips and Strategies
Like I have mentioned in previous section, you can destroy the squishy bot ships in order to accumulate points, but enemy players should be your primary concern.

Doing so will allow you to accumulate points way faster than from bot ships which eventually translates into an easier win. However, these points come pouring in when you destroy transport ships which are not a problem against a few fighters.

However, you should never go in blindly and not expect any kind of defense measures. Always remember that Rebels have a clear advantage when it comes to shield bonus. This should be kept in mind while both attacking and defending.

In addition to this, you should also keep a close eye on tokens scattered across the central area of the map. However, do note that these are located in hard to reach areas and require a little effort.

These tokens include repair token and refresh token as well as hero tokens. The hero token instantly spawn the player who acquired it into a hero ship which can easily turn the tide of a heated battle.

The hero ships include Slave I and Millennium Falcon among others and can easily bring down the transport ship so much faster than an ordinary player ship.

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