PlayStation Vita Grip Cover to Aid Remote Play to Get PCH-1000 Compatible Version

When people use the PlayStation Vita for PlayStation 4 Remote Play, one of the problems has been the lack of rear bumper buttons. The remedy for this so far has been the touchpad on the back of the device, but this has hardly been the best solution.

In a report on though it appears that a solution has been found in the form of a Grip Cover that adds the L2 and R2 triggers to the device. People who know of this Grip Cover will also know that there was a version of this already available which was for the PCH-2000 version, but this new one gives compatibility to the PCH-1000 version of the controller.

The new design for the Grip Cover fits around the PlayStation Vita itself and also acts like protective cover the for the handheld games device. With a focus being given to Remote Play on the device, this will obviously be an interesting cover for the Vita, especially if it works as well as hoped.

While we now have confirmation that the PCH-1000 version of the Grip Cover is being released in Japan, we don’t have a price or a date for its release. This will mean we’ll have to wait even longer to see if a release will head to the West, though I’m sure there will be enough interest in this for there to be a market for it.

Would you buy this Grip Cover for your PlayStation Vita if it improves Remote Play for the PlayStation 4? Let us know your thoughts below.