PEGI Can Consider Adjusting Its Rating System for VR Games

VR is the future, at least that’s what companies want us to believe. A wave VR content will be unleashed upon the world when Sony releases its PlayStation VR early next year. There are other such units in the works as well.

When looking at the rise of VR content, one question that comes to mind is regarding the PEGI ratings of such content. Of course, the current system can be used to assess the game but there can possibly be some elements of VR games that may require PEGI’s rating system to make some adjustments.

PEGI operations director Dirk Bosmans realizes this and says that PEGI should examine the VR content coming in the future.

PEGI should examine the coming wave of VR products using the current questionnaire, but reserve the right to reassess certain elements – more specifically the criteria around fear (currently rated PEGI 7) and horror (as in non-violent scary imagery, currently rated PEGI 12) – once a broader range of products hits the market in the coming period of time.

VR can be overwhelming for some and it can be a frightening experience depending on the game. PEGI should and most probably will adjust their ratings system.