Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 Coming to PC in December

Today we have some good news for PC Final Fantasy 13 fans. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 has been announced on Steam, with a release date of December 10, 2015.

Steam today revealed the news with a store page already made available revealing the details for the game. The concluding chapter of the Final Fantasy 13 chapter, it brings to an end the trilogy of games featuring Lightning.

Included on the store details are downloadable content which will be included in the game:

  • “Divine Wear” schemata
  • “Moogle Lover” schemata
  • “Ultimate Saviour” schemata
  • “FFX-2 Yuna” schemata
  • “FFVII Cloud” schemata
  • “FFX Yuna” schemata
  • “Tomb Raider” schemata
  • “Shining Prince” schemata
  • “Dark Samurai” schemata
  • “Sohei Savior” schemata
  • “Utsusemi” schemata
  • “Art of War” schemata
  • “Flower of Battle” schemata
  • “Shogun” schemata

Though it does state that the Final Fantasy 7 Aerith schemata will not be included in the pack. There will be no plans to include it in the future either.

A few notes for potential buyers were also revealed:

  • This version of the game has had no changes or additions made to the story of the original LIGHTNING RETURNS FINAL FANTASY 13.
  • This game does not support Dolby Digital sound.
  • This version of the game includes some of the downloadable content released for the original.
  • The bonus items originally awarded for having save data from previous games in the series will be awarded in this version regardless of whether there is suitable save data present or not.
  • Includes no functionality linked to Square Enix Members or social networking sites.
  • It is not possible to change the names assigned to chocobos, map markers or schemata.


Is the release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 good news or do the issues listed above cause problems? Let us know your thoughts below.