Is the Lack of Local Servers for Star Wars Battlefront Causing Issues?

With multiplayer games, especially first person shooters the quality of your connection to the server can be vital. This is why local servers are often preferable than centralised, which appear to be what Star Wars Battlefront are using.

Some news sites and gamers seem to be noticing this problem when it comes to the game picking opponents for you to play against. With the players being routed by their skill rather than their location this is leading to a noticeable degradation in server quality, and it is annoying people who are unlucky enough to be pushed onto bad servers.

Another issue that adds to annoyance is the fact that there are no server browsers for the game, which is a tool that would also improve the ability to find a good connection for their game. With Star Wars Battlefront being mainly a multiplayer game where it is dependent on the connection to the server, this is going to become an issue, especially for the more technically minded PC players.

EA and DICE could remedy this problem if they choose to, but at this early stage of release there is sign that there are plans for this. We’ll have to keep an eye on this situation, but it will soon be obvious if this is a real problem or just one that a few users of the game are having.

Star Wars Battlefront has for the most part been well received, and appears to have few issues at the moment. As more players load onto the servers and put some serious time into it though no doubt if there are issues then the cracks will start to appear. EA will probably be watching this situation with interest, and hoping that it does not become an issue.

Have you had any problems with server connection quality? Let us know your thoughts below.