Halo 5: Guardians REQ Purchases Take Championship Pot to $1,700,000

Only two week ago we reported on how the victory pot for the Halo World Championship Series was already $1,500,000. The amount has been growing steadily and now stands at $1,700,000 which shows people are still busy buying their REQ Packs.

The total victory pot value has been revealed on the Halo Championship Series page which also reveals that the total amount spent on REQ Pack crowdfunding now stands at $700,000 and continues to grow.

On the crowdfunding success and the amount in the victory pot, 343 said:

“Fans have always made Halo better, with input and creativity, but now for the first time in Halo esports history, they have the opportunity to contribute directly to the $1 million Halo World Championship prize pool and help grow it to epic proportions. A portion of all REQ packs purchased with real-money in Halo 5: Guardians goes to crowdfunding the tournament prize pool. We started at $1 million, and thanks to the passion and generosity of the Halo community, we are excited to announce that fan activity has officially generated over $700K to the fund, and it continues to grow until the World Championships in March 2016. Can we hit $2 million? Let’s go!”

The page also shows how to register for each region as well as well as providing the rules for the series. You can also see the Halo Championship Series Athlon Armour and Weapon collection sat which can be obtained through REQs, if you are wanting to add more money to the crowdfunded pot.

Are you looking forward to the Halo Championship Series? Let us know your thoughts below.