Take a Look at Just Cause 3 in Stunning 4K

We’ve had clues as to what graphics settings will be available for Just Cause 3 but until now we’ve not seen just what these options can achieve. In a new trailer showing the game with its optimal settings, taking down tyrannical governments has never looked so good.

In the video that you can see above we can see what the game will look like in 4K and the answer is beautiful. Focusing on the destruction that can be caused it really shows just how impressive the game can look.

What we don’t see though is some of the story elements in the game, and this is something that is a little bit of a worry. While we may be looking forward to causing some real chaos in the game there needs to be some kind of structure to keep us invested. There has to be some progression system that pulls us along to heading towards the goal of the game.

What we do know of the game is that it takes place in the Mediterranean Republic of Medici where you must take down General Di Ravello, by any means necessary. You play the part of Rico Rodriguez and have free reign to cause as much destruction as possible.

As we see in this trailer there are plenty of vehicles and weapons to use, and a whole island to destroy. Let’s just hope that there is a little more substance to the game so that we are kept invested in it.

Are you impressed by how good Just Cause 3 can look? Let us know your thoughts on the new trailer below.