Watch Star Wars Battlefront 4K Ultra Benchmark Video Here

For many people who tried the Star Wars Battlefront beta one noticeable thing was just how good looking it was not only on the PC but also on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Now the final version is released we can take a look at how good it performs and just how good it can look.

In a new article that benchmarks the game on PC Gamers Nexus have not only revealed plenty of stats on the performance, but also provided a video of the game running at 60FPS and in 4K. This has all of the settings set to the maximum settings and runs on SLI 980 Ti, which is obviously an expensive setup but the game looks stunning.

Taking place on the Endor level this shows the game at its best and as stated on the video is an intensive test environment. It’s interesting to see a benchmark using this Survival mission as it wasn’t included in the beta and provides new footage.

After watching the video, the article is well worth a read as it takes a look at a number of graphics cards and gives a comparison on how well they perform. The conclusion provides the best cards for the game, with the 980 Ti and R9 390X coming out on top for the 4K gaming. Interestingly they say the game best operates at “High” settings for 4K instead of “Ultra”. This gives a 60FPS performance that can dip down to 53.

For those wondering what CPU they were using for the benchmark they state it was an i7-5930K with 16GB DDR4 memory. This should easily be able to handle a game like Star Wars Battlefront.

Are you impressed with how good Star Wars Battlefront can look? Let us know your thoughts on the game below.