Warner Bros. Hire Steven Chiang to Lead Worldwide Studios

As games move to the use of microtransactions and in-game monetisation one of the most successful ways to do this has been the FIFA and Madden Ultimate Team modes. With this in mind the announcement of Steven Chiang’s move to Warner Bros. Interactive is interesting news.

Reported by GameInformer Steven Chiang has been hired by Warner Bros. Interactive and will serve as executive vice president answering to newly promoted David Hadden. What makes this move interesting is the fact that Chiang is also the co-founder of Tiburon Studios who developed Madden. Working with EA one of the things he worked on was the creation of the Ultimate Team modes for Madden and FIFA.

With Warner Bros. making a move to free-to-play mobile games like Injustice: Gods Among Us and Mortal Kombat X which use microtransactions to make a profit, his knowledge from Zynga and his work on the Ultimate Team modes will come to use. This will also help Warner Bros. if they plan on bringing more in-game transactions to their main games.

As most game companies are now making this move this will come as no surprise. While microtransactions are often not welcome news when first released their optional use often is used to pull in the gamers who choose to buy them. I’m sure most players will be hoping though that his work will be to focus on the mobile gaming side of development instead.

Gaming is changing and in-game transactions are becoming common place with many of the big releases. With the rise in mobile gaming also an important aspect of development now and brings in a lot of profit, it should be no surprise that a company like Warner Bros. would snap up somebody like Steven Chiang who brings a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

Will the hiring of Steven Chiang bring more microtransactions to Warner Bros. games? Let us know your views on the subject below.