Star Wars Battlefront Power-Ups Guide – Tips, Field Pick-Ups and Strategy

You will come across one-time-use power-ups and pick-ups in a variety of game modes. It’s a good idea to acquire these items as these will allow you to change the course of battle.

Star Wars Battlefront Power-Ups and Field Pick-Ups

An overview of all the power-ups and pick-ups in the game:

Normal Power-Ups

Once acquired, a random power appears on your lower card which can be used at any time. If you come across another power-up which you prefer over the first one, simply walk over it in order to collect it:

Blaster Cannon
Equipped with a shield, it performs similar to E-Web Blasters and can be placed anywhere on the map. It has 200 shield, 1.3 meter radius, and 35 + 25 explosion damage.

Card Refresh
This power-up allows players to instantly refresh their Star Cards and Charged Star Cards.

Infantry Turret
This turret should be placed in busy locations and it will stay there until destroyed. IT basically eliminates infantry units by dealing +10 damage for 1.5 seconds when locked in.

Orbital Strike
This power-up allows players to rain artillery barrage on any outside location. This is ideal to clear out enemy forces from near an objective.

However, do note that players who are aware of the incoming strike can easily move away from the targeted location. It deals +100 damage per projectile and has 18 meters effective radius.

Proximity Bomb
Players can place this bomb in any location that they want protected. It will detonate as soon as any enemy gets near it.

A beeping sound alerts players that they are near a Proximity Bomb and they get 1.5 seconds to get out of the area. A PB deals +150 damage within 5 meters which decreases as players move out.

Sensor Droid
This power-up basically provides players with a support droid equipped with a blaster — imperial and rebel get different droids with different abilities. Both deal +20 damage, though, rate-of-fire differs.

Smart Rocket
It targets and follows the targeted vehicles, but can also be used against soldiers. It explodes upon impact dealing +500 damage within 2 meters which decreases until 3 meters.

Squad Shield
This provides a large enough shield for several players having +1000 health.

Anyone inside the shield is unable shoot out, but becomes immune to fires, grenades, and other projectiles. Do note that both enemies and troopses can destroy the transmitter emitting the shield.

Thermal Imploder
This grenade has insanely large radius and can eliminate multiple enemies or troopses within its area-of-effect. It explodes after 1.5 seconds and deals +200 damage.

Vehicle Turret
Vehicle Turret automatically targets vehicles and can be placed anywhere on the map. It stays active until destroyed and should be used to control capture points and other important objectives.

Field Power-Ups

Vehicular and Hero power-ups are scattered in Walker Assault and Supremacy game modes. Once acquired, players get 15 seconds to activate it until it disappears:

Air Vehicle
Players can use this power-up to switch to an air-vehicle — X-wing, A-wing, or T-47 Airspeeder for Rebel Alliance and TIE fighter or TIE interceptor for Empire.

It is available for Galatic Empire in Supremacy and Walker Assault which allows players to switch to an Imperial AT-ST.

This allows players to commandeer three weapons on an AT-AT, but only in Walker Assault mode.

This is only available in Supremacy and Walker Assault mode and allows players to become one of the three available heroes or villains, depending upon their faction.


Pick-Ups are different from Power-Ups in the sense that these are automatically activated when collected:

  • Charge — Allows players to gain +1 Charge
  • Hero Vehicle — Transports players to either the Millennium Falcon or Slave I in Fighter Squardon
  • Extra Life — Provides +1 Life in Survival
  • Vehicle Repair — Automatically repairs vehicle in Fighter Squadron and Begger’s Canyon
  • Ability Refresh — Immediately resets abilities in Fighter Squadron

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