Star Wars Battlefront is Getting Negative Reviews by Tons of Fans

When a company is boasting of a title for being one of their best, the hopes of everyone waiting for it are bound too skyrocket. However, in the gaming industry it takes a lot to meet those expectations, and Star Wars Battlefront is proving just that.

If you check out the Metacritic page of the game, you will see a number of users who have provided negative reviews for the game citing a vast range of reasons.

For instance, someone is saying that there is a “complete lack of content, its empty, missing all key elements of previous battlefront and battlefield games. And yeah the premium DLC pack has more content than the game itself.”

Someone else said that there is “No story” and that it “Feels like Call of Duty: Star Wars edition.” While others named it as soulless, repetitive, and incomplete when it comes to game play elements.

However, that is not the entire picture. A number of fans on Reddit and other similar platforms are saying that you need to play the game enough in order to see if it is repetitive or not. Others suggest that trusting user reviews on Metacritic is not really a good idea because there are people who don’t even know what they are talking about.

For instance, one Reddit user quoted an example of a review that read “just a Destiny clone made to appease the mainstream masses.”

Honestly, Destiny and Star Wars Battlefront are poles apart.