Sign Petition Against Street Fighter 5 Mika’s Butt Slap Censoring

Like us, many of you are also not happy with the newly placed censorship on Street Fighter 5, specially the butt slap move of R. Mika.

Capcom, all of a sudden decided that they did not want to show off her ass being spanked on screen and so they moved the camera up a little bit and hid her assets. Now, a number of fans have come together with a petition on

While it is titled “do not censor Street Fighter 5,” they first explain how the critical art for the animation was changed and then go on to say that they do not want to accept the censorship:

We do not want to accept any censorship of this kind, and we do not wish to purchase censored games. This content must remain uncensored, retained in its original form when the game is released, as should all the current content in the beta builds thus far that your company may wish to censor for whatever reason.

If you agree with these guys, you should also sign the petition because they really need just a bit more love. Right now, 4,230 signatures have been received as compared to the total requirement of 5,000 which means it won’t be too long before the email goes out to Capcom.

Check back with us later for any updates on this or Street Fighter 5 in general.