League of Legends Fans Complaining About Patch 5.22 Issues

The League of Legends Patch 5.22 was huge, no doubt about that. Which is why it was expected to attend to a number of things in the game. However, not everything with the patch has been received gladly by the community.

Apparently, there are a bunch of issues that the fans are complaining about. The first and the foremost is the gigantic size of the patch itself. People are saying that Riot Games has changed so much about the game in a single go that it is becoming harder to keep track of things.

The official patch notes were 17000 words long!

Moving on, while the League of Legends Patch 5.22 added a number of new items, some old ones were removed and this is not sitting well with the fans. Even if they are adding new ones, what could have been thee harm if they let the old ones stay as well?

Talking more directly of the gameplay, some fans have complained that the new masteries that have been introduced are too restrictive in the way the mastery trees are set and how you get to customize pages.

Last but not the least, the turrets are reportedly much weaker and easier to destroy ever since the patch 5.22 made its way to League of Legends.

Are you playing the game these days? Do you agree with these problems?