Funcom’s The Park Coming to PS4, Xbox One on Q1 2016

Funcom, the makers of The Secret World, Age of Conan and others released their new single-player psychological horror experience, The Park on PC last month. The game was so well received that console versions have been announced!

In a press release sent our way today, the developer has confirmed that they will be releasing the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game next year.

The chief executive officer at Funcom, Rui Casais, teased of the chilling adventures that The Park is going to unleash onto the consoles:

Encouraged by the positive reactions we have received on the Windows PC version, we are very excited about bringing it to consoles. Exploring a dark, sinister and frankly terrifying location from the comfort of your sofa, with the lights turned off and controller in hand, is sure to be a very rewarding experience.

The Park has been pretty famous among video streamers and even Funcom is boasting about it. The game’s Lets Play videos on YouTube got about seven million views in less than a month – the game was originally released on October 27.

For those who don’t know, this will be their first console game in a decade, so we are really hoping for it to be a good one. That being said, so far it has not been clarified whether the console versions of the game are going to bring exactly the same content as the PC version or will they add something to it.