All Xbox One Controllers Now Have Button Remapping

Back in October, while the Button Remapping features were only being discussed, it was announced that they will not be restricted to the Elite Xbox One Controllers but also become available on the standard versions, whenever the features went live.

That time is now.

Button Remapping has been made available to all Xbox One Controllers, including the Elite and Standard ones.

Boasting that “this highly-requested feature offers a great alternative to remapping buttons on an individual game basis,” Major Nelson, the director of programming for Xbox Live says:

For standard controllers, you can now swap button pairs. For example, if you choose to map LB to X, then X is automatically mapped to LB. This maintains that all buttons are always mapped on a standard controller. You can do multiple button swaps in sequence to move button commands to where you want them to be on the controller. When buttons are remapped on a standard controller, the remapping is not transferrable to other consoles.

For Elite Controllers, he said that only A and B needed to be mapped somewhere and that “you can have multiple buttons mapped to the same function” too. However, unlike the standard controllers, the settings get stored on the controller itself which allows the user to carry the same mapping to any other console or PC.

The developers have provided three different ways of accessing the Button Remapping features thanks to the New Xbox One Experience. Here they are:

  • Settings / Kinect & Devices / Devices & Accessories
  • Settings / Ease of access / Button mapping
  • Launch the Xbox Accessories app directly

Check back with us later for more on Xbox One, Xbox One Controllers and the New Xbox One Experience.