90 Minute Fever Football Manager MMO Announced

Game developers Isokron have revealed 90 Minute Fever, a football manager MMO which is coming soon. Describing it as “the most advanced online football management game ever”, which is quite a bold claim.

Taking the management game into an MMO setting the matches your teams play will now be against real people, not just simulated by your computer. This means that the choices you make will have more of an impact and will have a worthier opponent reacting to them.

As with management games like this there will be plenty of statistics to analyse so that you can form your game-plan. This will include building up long term fans, which will need to be tweaked on the fly during the matches.

Nick Kakoschke, founder of development studio Isokron, said: “We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what an online football management experience should be – something that’s more immersive, more interactive, and more engaging for those who take their football seriously.”

He added: “We wanted to create a game that players can really get absorbed in, rather than logging in for a few minutes a day to perform a few routine chores. We can’t wait to see how people respond when the beta launches later this year.”

90 Minute Fever is currently in closed testing, but will soon move into the public beta phase which will give us a chance to try the game out. Key features for the game include:

  • Experience the rush of live matches against real people
  • Create the ultimate team – customise names, colours, emblems and mottos using the Club Creation Kit
  • Recruit new players and coaching staff to take your team to the next level
  • Win promotions and trophies – increase the reputation and revenue streams of your club
  • Develop your club’s long-term strategy, keeping in mind a vast array of game variables
  • Compete for supremacy against thousands of other players in a persistent, seasons-based game world

Does a football management MMO like 90 Minute Fever interest you? Let us know your thoughts on the game below.