The Phantom Pain Update FOB Features Detailed Among Others

Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain is scheduled to get an update in December this year, while the developers had kept the expected changes under the wraps until now, they have shared a number of details through Nico Nico.

Since the details were in Japanese, we are relying on online translations to give you the features that are being added or tweaked with the December update.

Without going into too much detail, let us tell you that The Phantom Pain is about to get these new features in connection with the FOB:

  • Free placements of Gun Cameras (Surveillance Cameras) & Land Mines – Featuring a special mode for placements of cameras and land mines, which seems to be included in addition to standard placements up to the player’s choice. You can also check the placements for a set period of time.
  • Debut of Player Character Raiden – Can use wormholes for warping, and appears to be using special weapons. It is unclear what conditions need to be met to use him.
  • Security Team SKULLS Debut – SKULLS units have appeared on the FOB Platforms. Conditions for doing this are yet unclear.
  • Other FOB-related updates include: “Challenge Tasks” are added with rewards for completing them, friend connectivity enhanced to allow friend supporters including infiltration.

In Metal Gear Online, Host Migration will also be introduced. With this, when the host leaves he will be replaced by the second best choice in the room. Last but not the least you will be able to search for rooms with filters like Walker Gears ON/OFF, Weather and Room Names.

Keep checking back with us for more on Metal Gear franchise and The Phantom Pain.