Fallout 4 The Silver Shroud Side Quest Guide

By   /   Nov 16, 2015
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The Silver Shroud is a series of side quests that have you dressing up as the Hubris Comics superhero and serving justice to the evil-doers of the Commonwealth. This is one of the most fun side quests in Fallout 4, and if done correctly can get you the Silver Shroud costume with powerful upgrades.

This walkthrough will help you get through the quest in the best possible way to allow for the maximum rewards. For more help on Fallout 4, read our Brotherhood of Steel Faction Quests, Unique Armor Locations, Romance Guide and Minutemen Faction Quests Guide.

The Silver Shroud

If you want to start this fun questline, you’ll have to listen to the Silver Shroud Station on your radio while you’re in Goodneighbor. Listen to it, then head to the Memory Den. On the right of the main hall is a red door. Head inside to meet a friendly Ghoul.

His name is Kent Connolly, and he’s a huge fan of the Hubris Comics superhero, the Silver Shroud. He wants to play the crusader, but for that he needs your help. He wants you to retain the Silver Shroud costume from Hubris Comics. Accept this request to start off this questline.

The Silver Shroud Costume
Head over to the Hubris Comics (near Boston Common). The place is crawling with Feral Ghouls, so bring your best shotgun, and some Rad-X as well. Shoot your way up the interior of the building to the top floor. You’ll find the costume on a stage.

Careful here, there’s also a Glowing One Feral Ghoul, and it can resurrect the rest with a shriek. Take it out quickly before it does so, then escape via the roof ladder. If you manage to kill everything, you can roam around the comic store and grab the Grognak’s Axe, and two magazines (Unstoppables and Astoundingly Awesome Tales).

Return to Kent and talk to him. It seems Kent has realized that he’s not up for the superhero stuff himself, which is why you’re going to be taking the role of the Silver Shroud as he helps you defeat crime by calling it from the Silver Shroud Station. You’ll also get to keep the costume, which is obviously awesome.

He’ll give you a customized Submachine Gun, Silver Shroud Calling Cards, and Bottlecaps for your effort. Now, it’s time to take the role of the mighty Silver Shroud!

The Silver Shroud Returns!
Exit the Memory Den and keep your radio tuned to the Silver Shroud station. Listen for Kent to inform you of a problem citizen who needs to be disciplined. There are various ones that he’s going to announce one after the other. He will only announce these mini-quests when you’re in Goodneighbor.

What’s cool (and stupidly funny) is that you can speak as the Silver Shroud. Expect the NPCs to laugh at you, but you should enjoy the dialogue options whenever you can.

  • The first is Wayne Delancy, who you’ll find in an alleyway near the Memory Den. The guy murdered a woman and her kid. Kent wants you to deal out some Silver Shroud styled justice. Head over there and talk to him, then kill him. Leave the Calling Card on his corpse. Oblige Kent, then listen for further announcements from him.
  • The second target is AJ. He’s a chems dealer who has been selling his drugs to kids. That’s not the kind of stuff a superhero tolerates. Head over to tis location in another alleyway. You can either bribe AJ for caps, or slay him (or do both). Get rid of him and place the calling card on his corpse.
  • The next bit is Kendra. She’s a psychopathic murderer. You can ask about her from Whitechapel Charlie in the Third Rail (Goodneighbor). She’s at the Water Street Apartments. Enter the building and take out her gang members till you reach the top. Kill Kendra in her room and leave a calling card.

If you search Kendra’s corpse, she’ll have a contract for an assassination. She was assigned to kill Shelly Tiller. You can go rogue and carry out the contract yourself for 500 odd Bottlecaps, but it won’t go well with Kent, and can possibly lock you out of a super-useful reward at the end of the series of quests, so it’s better off to just let it be.

Head back to Goodneighbor and tune into the Silver Shroud radio station once again. It seems Mayor Hancock wants to meet you. Dress up and act like the Silver Shroud when you meet him in the Third Rail.

He wants you to kill a couple of goons who have been causing trouble. The first is Smiling Kate. She’s a creepy lady who can be found close to Bunker Hill (Charleston Neighborhood). Kill her and the gang near her.

Next up is another Sinjin goon called Northy. He’s found just south of Wattz Consumer Electronics in the Cambridge Neighborhood. Like Smiling Kate, he has plenty of raider guards as well. However, Northy isn’t much of a fighter and will try to run away. Shoot him down, then check his corpse for a note.

Head back to Goodneighbor and tune into the Silver Shroud station. Uh oh, it seems like Sinjin kidnapped Kent! Use the radio to find out where he’s been taken – it’s the Milton General Hospital, south of the city.

Saving Kent and Ending Sinjin
Bring your best combat gear and your most powerful weapons with you. You have two objectives: killing Sinjin, and the optional objective of saving Kent.

The optional objective is very important if you want to be able to upgrade the Silver Shroud costume and make it more powerful. Plus, Kent is a really nice and friendly guy (not many of those in the Wasteland), so why not try to save him?

Head over to the Milton General Hospital. The place can be pretty confusing. To make things simpler for yourself, simply fall in every hole in the ground and go up every elevator, irrespective of which story they lead to. Kill the raiders that are in your path.

Eventually, you’ll go down an elevator that will lead you to where Sinjin is holding Kent captive. If you want to save Kent, but VERY careful. Do not start a fight immediately, or else Sinjin will shoot Kent in the head.

Instead, walk slowly out of the elevator and talk to Sinjin. You’ll have the option of talking as the Silver Shroud, but that’s not a good idea. Quicksave during the conversation before selecting anything in-case your speech challenge fails.

Use the option, “Kill me first.” If the option fails, simply reload and try it again (don’t worry, even with a low Charisma it should work in a few tries). If Sinjin is convinced, he’ll let Kent live (for now) and focus his assault on you. Take out Sinjin as quickly as possible, then eliminate his subordinates as well.

If you’ve done everything properly, Kent should still be alive. Talk to him, then head back to Goodneighbor.

Talk to Hancock to receive an impressive reward of 750 Bottlecaps, then talk to Kent in the Memory Den. He offers to upgrade your Silver Shroud costume. He might not do it immediately, but be sure to come back at Levels 25, 35, and 45. These are the levels at which he’ll upgrade the costume and make it more powerful.

That’s the end of one of the coolest side quests in the game!

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