Fallout 4: How to Get Cryolator Early in the Game

In order to get the ultimate weapon, Cryolator, players have to wait until much later in the game. The weapon is in Vault 111 but you don’t have access to it, but if I tell you there is a way to reach past that locked container, get the weapons and along with it, a significant boost in the game.

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As I mentioned, Cryolator is in Vault 111 but glass container is locked. However, you can get it when Dogmeat becomes available as a companion. Here’s what you need to do.

1: Go to Vault 111 and locate the container with Cryolator
2: Ask Dogmeat to search of items

Dogmeat will go and grab the weapon and bring it to you. You won’t have to pick the lock or do anything else. You will find more powerful weapons later in the game, but having this weapon early-on gives you a massive edge during combat in Fallout 4.

Also, if you’re facing problems with this method and Dogmeat isn’t grabbing it, try closing the door of the room and try again.