Deal in Germany Gives You Discounts on a PlayStation 4 Based on Your PS3 Trophies

As the number of reasons to upgrade to the current generation consoles grows, retailers are giving us more incentives to make that jump. A German retailer have created a new voucher system that will give you money off a PlayStation 4, if you have enough trophies built up on your PlayStation 3 or Vita.

German retailer MediaMarkt are running the deal for PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita owners to help them make the upgrade. Based on the trophies collected on your PSN account you’ll be able to earn a voucher for either 25, 50, or 75 euros. This will then be able to be used on either a black or white PlayStation 4 with 500gb of storage space.

The following conditions apply to the offer:

  • You must have a valid PSN ID
  • You have to be an owner of a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita
  • There must be no PlayStation 4 trophies connected to the PlayStation ID
  • You have to live in Germany.

The offer will run until November 27, 2015. All you have to do is go to enter your PlayStation ID and the site will calculate your discount based on your performance as a gamer (meaning the trophies that you’ve accrued on the account).

While this is a deal in Germany only, it will be interesting if the offer becomes available in other countries. It will also be interesting to know how many trophies you need to get the biggest discount. As the PlayStation 3 trophies tended to not be that interesting, it is nice that they finally found some use.

One of the problems with the deal may be the PlayStation 4 trophy rule. If you’ve logged onto a friends PlayStation 4 for example and gained a trophy, this will obviously break the rules of the offer.

Are you in Germany and interested in this deal? Would an offer like this give you the incentive to upgrade your console? Let us know your thoughts below.