Fallout 4 The Institute Radiant and Misc Quests Guide

By   /   Nov 15, 2015
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Pledge loyalty to The Institute and agree to work with father in Fallout 4. Once you do, the following line of Mic. and Radiant quests will trigger.

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Fallout 4 The Institute Radiant and Misc Quests

Here’s what you need to do and how to need to do it to complete each quest:

The Institute Miscellaneous Quests

Building a Better Crop
Objective: Deliver the seeds to Roger Warwick, deliver Bill’s plans, confront Bill Sutton.

You need to complete Main Quest: Institutionalized first. Go to BioScience to meet with Issac Karlin. He will ask you to deliver some seeds to Roger Warwick. Go to Roger and repeat the passphrase.

Roger wants some help, find Wally, Janey, or June and get the name of Cedric Hopton out of them via conversation. You will find Cedric at the Third Rail watering hole in Goodneighbor.

Afterwards, go back to Warwick Homestead and look for a man with Bill Sutton and confront him. Settle matters peacefully or kill him.

Plugging a Leak
Objective: Investigate the robotics terminals, Binet’s quarters, SRB terminals and maintenance terminal, confront Liam Binet, disable the safeguards on Justin Ayo’s terminal

Complete Institute Quest: Mankind Redefined first.

Speak with Dr. Aryo at the Synth Retention Bureau. Agree to help and go investigate the terminal at the robotics laboratory. From there, you to Binet’s quarters where you’ll meet his Liam. Check the terminal there and access the logs.

Now to head to SRB and check any terminal before going to the maintenance room. Confront Liam Binet and from here, you will have two option. You can help him frame Ayo or inform Ayo.

A House Divided
Objective: Get to the BioScience Observation Room, resolve the standoff in Hydroponics.

Complete Institute Quest: Mankind Redefined first.

Speak with Dr. Oberly and agree to help, get the BioScience Systems Access Holotape and enter the door Oberly shows.You will now have to resolve a stand off where you can kill the doctors or choose a range of different ways to complete the objective.

The Institute Radiant Quests
Objective: Eliminate the Feral Ghouls

Speak with Dr.Binet at the Robotics Laboratory and go kill the Feral Ghouls he mentions. Report back to Binet.

Objective: Collect the Flesh sample and take it back to Clayton Holdren.

Doctor Holdren of the BioScience division wants a flesh sample of a certain Super Mutant. Go and collect it by going to the location marked on the map. Report back to the Dr. once you’re done.

Objectives: Get the blueprints, take the blueprints to Tovan Watson

Dr.Watson needs some blueprints which you’ll have to get. Brotherhood of Steel has them, so teleport to the location provided to you. Secure the blueprints from the marked crate and kill anyone who attacks.

Objective: Take the transmitter to the captured synth, speak with Dr. Secord

An Institute Synth is taken by the Raiders. Visit the marked location and retrive the synth. Report back to Dr.Secord.

Political Leanings
Objective: Talk to Mayor McDonough, take the report to Ayo

You need to collect an intelligence report from the Mayor. Go to Diamond City and speak with the Mayor. Bring the report back to Ayo.

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