League of Legends Has a New Fan in Intel CEO, Will Play Charity Match

League of Legends has millions upon millions of fans, and that includes all kinds of gamers as well a number oof known professionals from the industry. We have another one for you, the CEO of Intel!

Brian Krzanich, the chief executive officer of Intel is scheduled to play an exhibition match for charity at the Intel Extreme Masters San Jose. The funds raised are going to go to The CyberSmile Foundation.

Krzanich says he has always been a fan of eSports gaming and playing this League of Legends game is going to be really exciting for him.

I’m a big fan of eSports gaming and after attending Intel Extreme Masters last year I wanted to be in on the action. It’s exciting to get to play a match at such a large event as IEM and to be able to game for good to raise money for The Cybersmile Foundation.

The official website of Intel Extreme Masters has also confirmed that “he will be joined by nine celebrity gamers to play a round of ARAM.”

As far as the amount if charity is concerned, every objective reached and point scored in the League of Legends match is going to add to the total figure. Interestingly, the CEO has been training to polish his skills for it.