WWE Superstar Makes a ‘Big Show’ of his Destiny Gift

If you are looking for the biggest fans of Bungie’s Destiny, then WWE Superstar The Big Show may fit that bill, in terms of height at least. As a fan of the game, he revealed a present from Bungie which left him all smiles.

In the Tweet he revealed the impressive pack which included the special Destiny PlayStation 4 to celebrate The Taken King as well as the game itself, and some cans of Red Bull:

Obviously a way to plug the game and its current campaign with Red Bull, some people may not have thought the star would have time to play games like Destiny with his punishing schedule. When this was brought up though Paul Wight (The Big Show) replied with his current stats for the game:

So obviously he does play the game, and is ready to answer any questions asked. Being a WWE Superstar obviously has its perks, this being one of them. As a gamer though this is obviously a nice surprise for him. Though I doubt any moves he learns in the game will make it into the WWE ring anytime soon. Maybe some of the famous gestures we see on the show could make it into the game though? I’m sure fans would love to see that.

Are you impressed by the gift Bungie sent to the Big Show? Let us know your thoughts on the promotional stunt below.