The Division Will Allow Four Characters on One Game Account

With The Division aiming at a March 2016 release gamers are obviously interested in what they will be able to do with the game. In a new community Q&A video a number of questions were asked with the most interesting being how many characters can be created by players.

Associate Lead UI Artist Lars Vincent revealed that there can be up to four players:

“You can have more than one character in The Division. You can have up to four characters running at the same time. You have to choose from the start menu which one you want and go with that.”

“It’s pretty cool because you can play with your friend at different levels at different times. So if one of my friends starts playing The Division I can join him, I can create a new character, help him out, I can show him the ropes.”

This style of character creation is not uncommon in co-op games like this, with some players maybe even questioning why the list of players is limited to only four creations. This is still an interesting piece of information for anybody looking to have different characters within the game.

The chances are that gamers will want to experiment with characters and see which style fits them the best. Some characters will have more success than others, and they may even be better armed than other characters created before. This is part of the fun of character creation, seeing what different scenarios you can find yourself in and having the need for different character builds depending on the type of game you are wanting to experience.

What are your thoughts on the ability to create four characters for The Division? Will you use these slots to experiment with your characters? Let us know your opinion on this below.