Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Confirmed for 3DS with Online Functionality

Think you missed out on the fun with the classic Pokemon titles? How about revisiting Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow on your Nintendo 3DS handheld?

Well, that is just what Nintendo is planning for you; come February 2016, the three classic titles are going to be released in their original form for everyone to enjoy.

The developers have announced that titles will be relaunched on the Virtual Console where all Nintendo 3DS users will be able to play them.

The games remain true to the originals—complete with monochromatic pixel art and 4-bit background music—so you can feel as though you’re experiencing these games just as they were back then! If you’ve never played them before, you can join the millions of people around the world who have enjoyed these classic original Pokémon games.

Fans from the Game Boy era would remember how they had to use a Link Cable whenever they wanted to connect with friends for trading. However, in the relaunch, this will be replaced with wireless connectivity that will allow you to start battling as well as trade what you want.

Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow are going to be released too Virtual Console on February 27, 2016. Keep a look out for that, or just keep checking with us for more updates on the releases.