PC Gamers are Better in Bed than Console Players, Study Suggests

Surveys and studies always reveal interesting things, often used to create controversy and debate this one is sure to. It turns out that PC players are better in bed than PlayStation and Xbox players.

Based on the results revealed on the Peek Media website the study polled 2,747 partners of gamers in the UK to come up with the results. The point of the study was to look into the effect playing games had on relationships.

The question asked was “How would you rate your partner in the bedroom?” Here is what it revealed:

  • 11% responded with excellent.
  • 27% responded with good.
  • 26% responded with average.
  • 20% responded with below average.

When these were drilled down, it revealed that PC players were rated the highest by their partners. 54% described them as good or above and 22% said they were excellent.

For the Xbox players it was revealed that 47% of the players were described as good or above and for PlayStation players only 3% were described as excellent, with 8% described as very good.

Another question asked was about the frequency of gaming compared to actual time in the bedroom. Based on this it was revealed that 21% wanted “more sex, less gaming” and 11% wanted “less sex, more gaming”.

What we have to remember with these types of survey is just who answered the questions and how many. In the end the results mean little, but will cause some heated debates at least. It is still interesting though to see the difference between PC and consoles.

What are your thoughts on these results? Do they seem to have some truth behind them or would you disagree? Let us know your thoughts below.