New Tentacular Champion Illaoi Arrives for League of Legends

Riot Games has added a new champion to the roster of League of Legends. Illaoi, pronounced as ill-OW-ee, is a Kraken Priestess who has the ability to spawn tentacles on nearby walls. Interacting with her abilities, tentacles “last until killed or left dormant a full minute.”

Illaoi gains her powers from the Kraken god, Nagakabouros. These powers help her pull her enemies’ spirits from distant squishies and destroy them. Further, she can use her tentacles to offer huge and powerful zone control while picking off priority targets.

As for shortcuts, Illaoi’s Q is called “Tentacle Smash,” which summons a tentacle with active and passive abilities to attack enemies. The W shortcut called “Harsh Lesson” makes her charge at the enemy and the other spirit tentacles attacking the same target.

Illaoi’s ultimate ability however is the “Leap of Faith.” She jumps, then pounds the ground and gives her nearby enemies large damage, as well as summons tentacles behind them.

Illaoi is currently available for testing and bug fixes on the PBE server. You may check Illaoi’s reveal page to know more about her.