Dragon Valley Returning with Battlefield 4 DLC, Legacy Operations

Battlefield Hardline might have been released but Electronic Arts is not quite done with the predecessor. A new Battlefield 4 DLC has been announced by DICE, titled Legacy Operations.

According to the official post on the Battlelog website one major aim of the DLC has been to re-imagine a fan favorite map from Battlefield 2 – check out some gameplay for it above.

Sometime ago, the developers held a survey where the fans were asked which one of old maps from the series would they like to play in the game; one name had come up i.e. Dragon Valley.

Now, the developers are remaking the same map for the said Battlefield 4 DLC, but you should also expect some modernization to it:

If you played Battlefield 2, you likely remember the map – it was huge, with a massive number of flags, and destructible and repairable bridges. Our goal for this map is to make a great, large vehicle map for Battlefield 4 but at the same time modernize the original where appropriate.

The Legacy Operations Battlefield 4 DLC is going to be free for everyone who owns the full game itself. It will be released on the same day as the Holiday Update. So far, a specific release date for this has not been shared but it is expected that DICE will roll out the update before the year ends.