Did Kris Jenner Steal Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game Idea from Games Company?

To many gamers even the thought of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a subject to send a shiver down their spines. One thing we can’t ignore though is that it has made a lot of money out of its players.

As reported by Rant Gamer though it looks like  Kris Jenner and her management team may have gotten themselves in a little trouble over the game. It appears that video game developers King Fu Factory have filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against them for ripping off their copyrighted ideas and concept for the Kardashian game.

The lawsuit alleges that the developers put together a pitch for the game and presented it to Jenner who dragged out finalising the deal before cancelling all negotiations with the company. Months later, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood was revealed to the world, with design and gameplay similar to what had been pitched by Kung Fu Factory.

If this is true and Jenner lost this case, there could be big money in it. With the game grossing $200 million in its first year obviously Kung Fu Factory are looking for a share of those profits. Whether they will win or not is another matter.

With the onus being on Kung Fu Factory to provide the proof that Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is based on their design they will have an uphill struggle. Money talks in these types of claims and the Kardashians have plenty of it. If it does turn out that the game design was stolen from the company, it will be quite a wakeup call for any stars thinking they can get a quick profit from the world of mobile gaming.

What are your thoughts on Kung Fu Factory’s attempt to take on the Kardashians? Let us know what you think below.