Destiny November Update Allows Players to Buy Legendary Swords

Bungie recently revealed details about their November Destiny update, set to be rolled out next week. The update will bring various exciting changes, one of which is the ability to buy Legendary swords from Lord Shaxx.

The Bungie Weekly Update notes that Shaxx is going to have a few new items on sale. Destiny: The Taken King players who have already collected one sword and upgraded it to Exotic by completing the “Blademaster” Quest, will now be able to purchase all three Legendary swords directly from Lord Shaxx.

Up until now, there was only one way to collect more swords, and that was to run it again with alt characters. With the new update, players can replace the Legendary sword they got for an Exotic with another Legendary and have a full set.

This is a welcome addition, since each legendary sword has its own identical stats, and each has direct upgrades with 5 perk nodes.