Were Reddit Mods Paid to Hide Negative Star Wars Battlefront Posts?

With the release of Star Wars: Battlefront very close now, it is a shame that a new rumour has started to surface which may tarnish the release for some. If it is true, then corruption has once again reared its ugly head on social media.

From what is being reported by numerous sites, it appears that some Reddit mods were given access to the closed alpha to the game, and given tickets to Star Wars events in payment to prevent negative feedback of the game being posted, Reddit admin Sporkicide posted on Reddit looking for new mods after the event. PlayStationLifestyle then posted more details from Sporkicide into what had actually happened:

“There was a representative from EA directing moderators to remove posts and prevent certain links from being posted. In exchange, moderators were given perks including alpha access. This had been going on for a while and is completely unacceptable, whether you were personally the moderator to yank the post or not. It appears to have been clear to all moderators what was being asked and what was being provided in return.”

An ex-mod also claimed that he was the one who reported these people:

“I’m the ex-moderator that finally found the time to report them for all of the shady shit they have been doing over the course of the last year. They originally demodded me due to my suspicion that the subreddit was filled with paid reputation management accounts. Since this has gone down, these accounts have been assaulting my character nonstop, trying to drag my name through the mud. Here’s the basic rundown regarding the moderators:

They accepted favors in return for moderator actions.

They farmed the subreddit nonstop for YouTube revenue by stickying videos made by the moderators and adding referral links in the sidebar.

They tried to cover up the bribery by banning users who tried to expose them

They willingly suppressed criticism of the game through moderator action

They turned a blind eye to the massive astroturfing operation that is underway in the subreddit.

They exposed personal details about users that were confided in private.

Of course I have screenshots and links to validate all of this, but I’m on mobile right now so it will have to wait until I get home. So what is the end result?

Profiteering moderators were shadowbanned

EA “community manager” shadowbanned

New, chill moderators appointed by Admin”

It should be noted that these of course are rumours, but still a worrying sign of censorship of opinions about major game releases. To offer “bribes” to control the flow of information to customers is something that can be very damaging if and when it is revealed.

What are your thoughts on these rumours? If true will it make you reconsider buying Star Wars Battlefront?