Star Wars Battlefront: Broken Release Date, Day One Patch Notes

As expected, Star Wars Battlefront comes with a Day One Patch and while officially there are five days to go in the release date of the game, some customers have already gotten their hands on original copies of the title.

Interestingly, this has happened because of some retailers who decided not to wait until November 17, 2015 to start selling legitimate copies of the game. These retailers started selling the game early resulting in the release date being broken.

Star Wars Battlefront is such a massive release that one would expect Electronic Arts to ensure this doesn’t happen, but it looks like things were not completely in their control.

However, with the release date of the game being broken we have also been able to confirm the existence of the Day One patch, and thanks to the fans who have gotten their hands on the game early, we also have the complete patch notes of the update with us.

Here’s a rundown on everything that the Patch 1.01 will do:

  • Tweaked hero card spawn times
  • General bug fixes for the partner system
  • Various fixes for getting stuck when exiting Starfighters and ground vehicles
  • General crash and stability fixes
  • Online traffic performance improvements
  • Various text fixes for all languages
  • General bug fixes for both Missions and Multiplayer

Star Wars Battlefront officially releases on November 17, 2015.