Spyjinx to be Developed by J. J. Abrams and Chair Entertainment

Did you think that Star Wars The Force Awakens was what the gaming community will remember J. J. Abrams for? Well, consider Spyjinx!

This is a new game that has been announced unexpectedly by Bad Robot, the studio of J. J. Abrams, who will be co-developing the title alongside Chair Entertainment, the makers of Infinity Blade.

Spyjinx, according to the video (above) shared by the developers, is going to be a very complicated game to explain or put in one specific genre.

This is because J. J. Abrams and Chair founder Donald Mustard say it will be “a unique blend between an action-strategy game, mixed with really dynamic world building, with a healthy dose of RPG character development.”

Moreover, Mustard says that in Spyjinx, they will be making use of the world building expertise of Bad Robot while will be aided by Chair Entertainment’s game designing geniuses to give the users a perfect product.

The game is set to be developed for PC, tablets and phones using Unreal Engine 4; however, more platforms might get added to that list later.

As of now, the developers are taking sign up requests for the scheduled closed beta phase of Spyjinx.

Here’s hoping that these two can break the curse that befalls almost every videogame that is made in collaboration between Hollywood and videogaming industry.