New Xbox One Experience Update Known Issues Detailed

The New Xbox One Experience update has gone live just now, and as is the case with almost every software, it has not come free of any issues or glitches – that is normal, and something that Microsoft will assuredly fix.

However, for some of the problems that Xbox One users are currently facing there already are solutions. Microsoft has detailed a number of these known issues / concerns of the users like the “slower than normal first boot after updating,” getting blank tiles, inability to sign in or the inability to use voice controls.

If you check out the official support page of the company, you will see a lengthy post dedicated to issues and their solutions relating to the New Xbox One Experience update.

Here is a list of problems that you will be able to find the solution for if you check out the link above:

  • Slower than normal first boot
  • Blank tiles in My games & apps
  • Voice controls not working
  • Can’t sign in due to repeating password prompts
  • Seeing the gamerpic for another one of your accounts while in game
  • Game being stuck requiring a content update
  • Error 0x800705b4 after a title update
  • Disc-based game downloads instead of installing from disc
  • Controller vibration stops working in some titles
  • Users on a console with the high-contrast setting enabled can’t display their color or preferred background
  • High-contrast setting is not applying to the background of the guide
  • Selecting to use a passkey for sign-in

We will be updating you on other errors as soon as Microsoft shares more solutions. Do let us know if there is anything else in the New Xbox One Experience update that is bothering you.