New Star Ocean 5 Game Footage Revealed by Square Enix

Square Enix are releasing Star Ocean 5 next year for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Today a live stream gave gamers a sneak peek as to what they can expect from the game.

As usual for Japanese games like this, the preview is in Japanese so you won’t know what is being discussed in the video (unless you speak Japanese of course). There is plenty of footage for you to take a look at though and it looks impressive, even for people who aren’t fans of the Star Ocean games already.

With Star Ocean 5 coming out in Japan for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 next year, it is safe to assume that the game will make a move to the West sometime later. This will obviously take some time with the localisation changes that will need to be done.

With the popularity of games like this though, the signs are good that Star Ocean 5 will deliver where it matters. Even if some of the previous games haven’t been up to form as of late. With a strong showing in the live stream, hopefully this is a sign that the game is bringing back the series back to its former glory.

If you are wanting to skip to the game footage sections of the video, Gematsu were helpful enough to list the timestamps to skip to:

  • 8:56 – 16:04
  • 19:38 – 32:40
  • 33:55 – 43:20
  • 44:18 – 49:59
  • 58:43 – 1:01:42
  • 1:02:30 – 1:04:43
  • 1:05:53 – 1:07:29
  • 1:08:30 – 1:09:20
  • 1:11:06 – 1:13:36
  • 1:14:18 – 1:15:04

Are you impressed with what you saw? Will you be buying Star Ocean 5 when it is released? Let us know your thoughts on the game below.