Splatoon Might be Getting a Link Costume with Amiibo!

It has been a while since a Nintendo Direct was held, which means there probably are a number of new announcements that are piling up at their offices right now.

While we don’t know about most of them, someone might have let loose a hint at one of the things that are probably going to be made official at the upcoming Nintendo Direct which is to be held tomorrow i.e. November 12.

A picture showing a new costume for Splatoon has been circling the internet, and guess what, the character that is being shown in the image is Link!

The picture is question appears to have been taken off of a screen from an unnamed event (must be a closed-doors event) where the heading reads “New Amiibo Functionality!” Below it is a picture of the loved character donning his conventional green attire and a bow and arrow.

He is going to be called Toon Link in Splatoon and will come with a new weapon called HR.O Splatdow and a new map called Octorok Reef. There is something else written on the image beside the weapon and map name but it is not readable.

Splatoon Toon Link

We are not sure when Toon Link could make it to the list of Amiibo for Splatoon, but tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct will probably let us know.