Nintendo DeNA Partnership: 5 F2P Games to be Released by 2017

Nintendo and DeNA both have kept things well under the wraps for a while now, but this is about to change as new information surfaces online one by one.

Fir instance, the mobile game development studio’s financial reports were shared online where it has been revealed that they are planning to launched at least five mobile video games together by March 2017.

Talking of Miitomo specifically, the documents reveal that it is going to be “free to downloads with optional paid items. Monetisation methods will be carefully decided based on user expectation and gameplay. The same approach will be applied to other jointly developed titles.”

We have known that in one way or another about Miitomo, but the more important news right now is that all the five titles that DeNA is developing in partnership with Nintendo are going to be free to download.

It appears that the company wants to rely on just Microtransactions to start a revenue stream for their new partnership with DeNA.

That being said, Nintendo has recently revealed what Miitomo is going to be about, apparently, it is more of a social app than a game, but we will eventually know better very soon. You can read up all about Miitomo here.