Just Cause 3 Developers Talk About The Possibility Of Multiplayer

In a recent interview with Gamespot, Just Cause 3’s game director Roland Lesterlin talked about multiplayer or lack thereof in Avalanche Studios’ upcoming open world action game and revealed that the studio actually was interested in adding a multiplayer component to the otherwise complete singleplayer experience.

Previous Just Cause games had no multiplayer either but fans took it upon themselves to mod game files and create a multiplayer mode for Just Cause 2 and the end result was so much fun that not only did it have the developer’s blessing, it ultimately became a part of the game on Steam as a separate free add-on.

Seeing this popular demand for multiplayer in the chaotic Just Cause world, Avalanche Studios initially held many discussions among their developers on how best to incorporate the feature in the new game but in the end it was decided to best focus on singleplayer aspect of the game with online ghost interactions such as leaderboards.

Avalanche’s co-founder Christofer Sunderberg had already teased the possibility of a multiplayer which is why the developers are still not flat out ruling out the online experience but for the release of the game, their sole focus is on singleplayer however it is possible that after release, we might get to see an official multiplayer component released separately.

Just Cause 3 is set to release on 1st December for PS4, Xbox One and PC.