Final Fantasy XV State of Development Clarified by Square Enix

Since we have been waiting for approximately a decade for Final Fantasy XV, some level of uncertainty is inherently there in the minds of the fans.

On the official forums, the addition of Moogles to the game was being discussed where a number of fans raised questions on the game’s state of development. People were worried why changes were being made if the game was well underway in development.

However, the community manager for the Final Fantasy XV forums, Dan Seto jumped into the conversation and requested the community to match their expectations by providing a clear idea as to what phase of development the game is in now:

Whoa, hang on guys! A pre-beta is a preliminary step to a beta version so FFXV has not gone into full beta just yet. FFXV’s development is going along well but not that well. So basically what this means is that the game is getting close to having all the assets locked down but there’s still room to change certain things (not everything) if need be. If the game was in beta, they couldn’t add any Moogles in.

So yeah, so far Final Fantasy XV has been in pre-beta, which is now almost done, and it should be able to into the official beta phase now.