Fable 4 is Not Being Developed, Lionhead Says Fable Legends is Priority

We know that Fable Legends is the primary project that Lionhead Studios is working on these days, but the series fans have always expected them to come up with news regarding the next main entry in the series i.e. Fable 4.

However, you are in for disappointment if you were also waiting for the same. Lionhead Studios is not currently developing the next main entry in the series and apparently they don’t have a clear plan as to when they will.

The developers are giving priority to only Fable Legends.

This was confirmed when some of the fans asked the developers about it on their official Twitter profile. The response was:

We’re not working on a Fable 4, Fable Legends is our priority and will be for the foreseeable future. Thanks!

It would have been a different thing if they had not included the part about this being the priority “for the foreseeable future,” but now it means they have no plans of doing a main entry for a good long time.

A number of fans were disappointed and said that Fable Legends is not what they are looking for, to which the developers responded “all we’re asking is that you try it out and then let us know what you think.”

Since no Fable 4 is expected, are you going to be content with Fable Legends only?